Revamping Google’s photography

Google needed new photography

When rethinking Google’s ads marketing ecosystem, there was another challenge. The photography being used was inconsistent, overused, and to be honest–not that pretty. The marketing teams recognized this and asked for a complete refresh on their entire photo library. This is where we came in. I was tasked with not only getting new photography for all of Google’s ads marketing sites, but to revamp Google’s entire photography library. The task, not so simple… The goal, very simple: let’s feature real Google customers and their passion.

As a team of 3: Brian Doben, Photographer. Elizabeth Cutter, Producer. Myself, Art Director – we travelled the world for a year and a half, and captured real business owners doing what they love.

Island Creek Oyster Farm – Duxbury, MA
The Booth Bus - Capitola, CA
The Booth Bus – Capitola, CA
Fit Kids – Redwood City, CA

The images were used in Google’s Ads Marketing sites.

Tree House Bros. - Higganum, CT
Tree House Bros. – Higganum, CT


All the images were available in Google’s photo library:


I created a guideline so there would be consistency in Google B2B photography:


I played a crucial role in the way Google does photography. More importantly, I met a ton of passionate folks around the world who love what they do… making this the most inspiring and most human assignment I’ve ever worked on.