Rethinking Google’s Ads Marketing Ecosystem

Google loves small business

In fact, they have a variety of ads marketing products dedicated to helping small businesses. However, it quite difficult for business owners to learn more about these products. The 40 different product sites were fragmented, confusing, and inconsistent. This was kind of a big deal since these products made a little bit of money for Google ($54 Billion!). Here’s how some of those sites looked.

So, my team consisting of talented and amazing folks, launched Project Rosetta StoneProject Rosetta Stone was a rethinking, rebuilding, and redesigning of Google’s ads marketing ecosystem. We consolidated 40 sites into 24. Yeah that’s right, we redesigned 24 websites at the same time. (I actually think it’s 26, but who’s counting?)

To make that many websites at the same time we designed a system that could hold all the product information, no matter what product it is. Modules could be added or subtracted when needed. As far as an overall look, the goal was to be cohesive and consistent. This would later help guide the Google Brand. Below is a glimpse into our thought process behind the mobile design.

Tone of Voice
We translated all the sites into something that small business owners can understand. It went from business-like-jargon to something more approachable and human.


Video and Photography
We also refreshed the photography and videos used within these sites. We showcased real business owners who used Google products. I had a big role in revamping the way we did photography, which is another case study in my portfolio.


Rebuilding 24 sites from the ground up helped Google reach and exceed goals. In the end, we created a group of sites that were more connected, consistent, and cohesive–and that can only come from Google.

Case Study
If you would like to see a case study on this project, please contact me for a password. Sorry, I know this is a pain.